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We are a reliable provider of microloans services and innovative financial products

About Us

JALI S.C PLC is an Investee Company of JALI Investment Ltd and JALI Transport Ltd which are an investment Companies of Rwanda Federal Union of Transport Cooperatives (RFTC). The Company was registered under the laws of the Republic of Rwanda by the Rwanda Development Board on the 26th January 2018. JALI S.C PLC was licensed by National Bank of Rwanda on 3rd January 2019 and in conformity with article 4 of BNR regulation number 02/2009 on the organization of Microfinance. it was allowed to operate microfinance activities in Rwanda under the status of Public limited Company. JALI S.C PLC was authorized to perform all activities for which the license has been granted. Its headquarters is located at : AMASHYIRAHAMWE - Modern Market Building /Nyabugogo opposite WASAC Kimisagara Road at Kigali.

The main founding objective of JALI S.C PLC is to provide reliable and affordable financial solutions initially to Small and Medium Size Enterprises and local individuals. Our primary targeted clientele is mainly made up of members of transport cooperatives across Rwanda, drivers, motor, vehicle operators, garages and spare parts shops, car wash bay businesses and individual transport operators but will also extend financial services to the rest of the public. Currently JALI S.C PLC has one main branch and it’s going to make use of agency banking before putting branches in place. The company has a total number of 10 employees that including a Managing Director, 2 managers and 7 other employees.

Our Services

Jali Products

Jali Products


1. Personnel loan : (Loan based on Salary ; Mid-month facility), Consumer, equipment, marriage, school fees, Medical treatment, holiday, buying car Loan.,
2. Business Loan :
 Micro-Loans
 SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) : Working Capital, Asset finance, Credit line, Overdraft etc.
3. Leasing Loan : Business Car loan (taxis, voiture, Coaster, Motorcycle etc.)
4. Solidarity or Group Loan : Micro credit to different group for financing micro projects generating income

After a period of approximately eight months since official commencement, we have so many clients and some of them have been given different types of loans for self-development.

The reason why we have so many clients in a short period of time, it is because we give out loans at an affordable interest compared to other Microfinance Institutions and we deliver good and quick services.


We have an account with 4 sub-accounts in JALI S.C PLC :
 Current Account
 Voluntary savings Account
 Compulsory savings Account
 Term deposit Account
 Reimbursement Account

As government policy encourage all Rwandan to save a little money from their income, JALI S.C PLC in the same line encouraged its clients to save 3% from their net Salary for long Term savings which will be remunerated every year and will be used as collateral where necessary. The savings will help also clients for having a big size of loan.
JALI S.C PLC will help develop a culture of saving, to acquire loans and benefit from them in terms of development.

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